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Yup, we stuffed these beasts inside PixelStrings.
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The world’s most trusted Standards Conversion and Frame Rate Correction system.

Dark Energy

The Industry’s most powerful Image Optimization and Noise Reduction toolset.


Simply the finest quality Program Retiming and Super Slo-Mo Conversion solution.

PixelStrings Solutions

Rec. 2020

"Progressify" telecine content

Ensure that your original film-look is properly extracted from broadcast versions that have repeated field/frame patterns.

Make your runtime fit perfectly

Global retiming of audio, video, and captions to meet any run-time requirement. Oh, and super-slow motion from regular assets too.

Normalize your project

Interlaced containers can have a myriad of video essences. Normalizing to one, great looking progressive essence is essential for OTT distribution.

Master texture management

Film or digital, your project has a specific look and feel that is only preserved through proper texture (grain) management.

Product Features

You call that a knife?
This is a knife.

PixelStrings' industry-leading feature set is built on the foundation of decades of industry experience.

Supported Codecs

ProRes, DNxHR, H.264, you name it! If it's a standard codec, we support it or it's in our roadmap.

Cloud Transcoding

Transform your assets into the latest formats, codecs and resolutions with the massively scalable infrastructure of the public cloud and our revolutionary algorithms.

Standards Conversions

Powered by Cinnafilm's Tachyon solution, PixelStrings offers on-prem quality conversions in the cloud.

Dynamic Retiming

Unleash the power of super-slow motion (up to 300%), audio retiming and run-length adjustment up to +-20%.

Noise Removal

The legendary Dark Energy denoising and texture management are included at no additional charge.

IMF Packaging

Prepare your content for delivery to ANY channel with the new standard: SMPTE Interoperable Master Format.


Repurpose SDR archives to be seen like never before on today's advanced home theaters.

Developer API

Our premium API solution helps you integrate the PixelStrings cloud solution into any pipeline.

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