Pixel Strings®

The Unified Theory
of Video Mastering

Any frame rate to any frame rate,
Any format to any format,
Fix broken patterns and interlacing artifacts,
Denoise, degrain, and film-lookify.
Create gorgeous progressive images,
And deliver a video worthy of being called a “MASTER.”

Every Frame Matters

Pixel Strings combines Cinnafilm's full array of award-winning, GPU-accelerated image processing solutions with the flexibility of mezzanine transcoding (including IMF authoring) - all powered by cloud compute - to create the world’s first image processing mastering SaaS. Solve even the most daunting frame mechanics and image quality problems like conforming mixed frame rate input to a single frame rate output, removing broken cadence 3:2 pull down and mixed interlace/progressive material, and removing bad video noise and heavy film grain while replacing it with perfectly balanced broadcast texture or newly generated film grain (so good it’s been used in countless restorations). Convert any frame rate to any frame rate with full motion compensation or various telecine output patterns. Do it all, in one pass, at a guaranteed per-minute price, and ensure your masters look as good as possible prior to final distribution.

The results are simply stunning, and your wallet will appreciate the fewer trips through QC. But don't just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words. (Or in this case, a million.)

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